Priory of the Temple Church

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


Priory Officers of the Temple Church 2015-2017 


Elected  Officer Positions  

Prior:  Nelson Gwinn
Chancellor: John Wallace
Inspector: Robert Miller
Secretary:  Diane Hassan
Treasurer: Barbara Jehan
Chief of Protocol: Christine O'Donnell
Archivist/Historian: Pam Gwinn
Armorer: Bob Shepard
Aumonier: Charlene Earl
Avocat: John Earl
Chaplain:  Aileen Walther
Chirurgeon: Diane Hassan
Crucifer: Sue Triplett
Knight Protector: Greg Hanson
Marshal: Lindell Correll
Master of Postulant's: Henry Jehan
Registrar: Margo Miller
Sword Bearer: Cecil Simmons

Appointed Officer Positions

Assistant Chaplain: Danielle Morris
Assistant Crucifer: Clare Murphy
Assistant Marshal: Jack Triplett
Assistant Master of Postulant's: Cecil Simmons
Assistant Sword Bearer: Malon Murphy
Beauseant Bearer: Charlotte Simmons
Pilgrim Medal Coor.: Sara Seater
Piper: John Earl
Banner Bearer: Tom Fisher




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