Priory of the Temple Church

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


Priory Officers of the Temple Church 2017-2019 

Elected  Officer Positions 

Prior  Christine O'Donnell

Chancellor   Bob Shepard

Inspector   Linda Watson-Ross

Chief of Protocol Claudia Chamberland

Treasurer  Ted Seater

Secretary  Kim Seals

Registrar Margo Miller  

Aumonier  Tony Cotugno

Armorer Henry Jehan  

Avocat   John Earl

Chaplain  Dennis Chamberland

Dame/Knight Protector  Bradley Miller

Master of Postulant's  Claudia and Dennis Chamberland

Marshal Richard Smith

Sword Bearer  Peter Palmieri,  Jr.


Appointed Officer Positions

Assistant Chaplain Rev. Glenn Galtere

Assistant Marshal  James Reed

Assistant Master of Postulant's Dr. Milind Lemaye

Assistant Sword Bearer Bradley Miller

Beauseant Bearer  Patty Chastang

Chirurgeon Jack Gerkowitz

Crucifer  Sara Seater

Piper  John Earl

Priory Banner  Larry Chastang

U.S. Flag Bearer  Ivan Garcia

Webmaster  Linda Watson-Ross

Priory Retention Officer  Dennis Chamberland

Priory Recruiting Officer  Rober Miller







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